Aehr to Exhibit at Burn-in and Test Strategies Workshop in Mesa, AZ March 4-7, 2018; CEO Gayn Erickson to Present Keynote Address

Aehr will exhibit and Gayn Erickson will deliver the keynote address at the Burn-in and Test Strategies (BiTS) Workshop

FREMONT, Calif., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ:AEHR), a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, today announced that it will exhibit in Booth 24 at the 19th annual Burn-in and Test Strategies (BiTS) Workshop taking place March 4-7, 2018 at the Hilton Conference Center in Mesa, Arizona. In addition, Aehr Test President and CEO Gayn Erickson will be presenting the keynote address to the attendees of this year’s conference on March 5, 2018.

The topic of Mr. Erickson’s keynote address is: “Are we providing the test coverage and reliability needed for tomorrow’s semiconductors and sensors?”

“As the applications for semiconductors change, our customers are asking many questions about the reliability requirements for their devices,” said Mr. Erickson. “My keynote address will address these timely topics including: What failure rate is good enough? How reliable do today’s and tomorrow’s semiconductor devices and sensors need to be? How critical are failure rates and how are they evolving with increased customer demands for security, safety, and reliability? What is the impact of consumer confidence on industries such as automotive, personal health, and even mobile devices? My address will dive into these questions and highlight challenges in our industry’s historical infrastructure and test methodologies, as well as provide the context for what we should all be asking ourselves: Are we really providing enough test coverage and assurance of reliability for new applications with higher quality and reliability requirements than ever seen before? And is this coverage sufficient to enable these applications to safely become pervasive over the next decade?”

BiTS is the world’s premier workshop dedicated to the advancement of test and burn-in socketing and related technologies. BiTS draws an international who’s-who participation from all parts of the semiconductor world: all focused on sockets, contactors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), materials, handlers, contact technologies, burn-in systems, and related technologies, systems, and services. Additional information on the conference can be found on the BiTS website at

In concert with the theme of the conference, Aehr Test is showcasing its solutions for burn-in and test of logic, optical and memory devices to enhance the reliability of devices produced by semiconductor manufacturers. These solutions include:

  • The ABTS™ family of packaged part burn-in and test systems, which is based on a state-of-the-art hardware and software platform that is designed to address not only today’s devices, but also future devices for many years to come. This system can test and burn-in high pin-count devices and there are also configurations for both high-power and low-power applications.
  • The FOX™ family of products, which includes multi-wafer test solutions that are capable of functional test and burn-in/cycling of flash memories, microcontrollers and other leading edge ICs in wafer form before they are assembled into multi-die stacked packages. The FOX systems utilize Aehr Test’s FOX WaferPak™ or DiePak® contactors, which provide a cost effective solution for making electrical contact with a full wafer, panel, singulated die or module in a parallel test and burn-in environment.
  • The FOX-1P system, Aehr Test’s second generation of the single-wafer FOX-1 platform originally introduced in 2006, which has proven to be a cost saving high-volume production solution for single touchdown 300mm full-wafer parallel test. The new FOX-1P system can be configured with over 16,000 “Universal Channels” and features a massively parallel test interface, which enables testing over a thousand die in a single touchdown.
  • The FOX-XP system, the company’s next-generation multi-wafer and now singulated die/module test solution that is capable of functional test and burn-in/cycling of integrated photonics devices, flash memories, microcontrollers, sensors, and other leading-edge ICs in wafer form before they are assembled into single or multi-die stacked packages. The new configuration with the DiePak Carriers also enables burn-in of singulated die and multi-die modules to screen for defects in both the die and the module assembly process. These singulated known-good die or single-die or stacked-die packaged parts can then be used for high reliability and quality applications such as enterprise solid state drives, automotive devices, highly valuable mobile applications, and mission critical integrated circuits and sensors.

About Aehr Test Systems
Headquartered in Fremont, California, Aehr Test Systems is a worldwide provider of test systems for burning-in and testing logic, optical and memory integrated circuits and has an installed base of more than 2,500 systems worldwide. Increased quality and reliability needs of the Automotive and Mobility integrated circuit markets are driving additional test requirements, incremental capacity needs, and new opportunities for Aehr Test products in package, wafer level, and singulated die/module level test. Aehr Test has developed and introduced several innovative products, including the ABTS and FOX-P families of test and burn-in systems and FOX WaferPak Aligner, FOX-XP WaferPak Contactor, FOX DiePak Carrier and FOX DiePak Loader. The ABTS system is used in production and qualification testing of packaged parts for both lower power and higher power logic devices as well as all common types of memory devices. The FOX-XP system is a full wafer contact and singulated die/module test and burn-in system used for burn-in and functional test of complex devices, such as leading-edge memories, digital signal processors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, systems-on-a-chip, and integrated optical devices. The WaferPak contactor contains a unique full wafer probe card capable of testing wafers up to 300mm that enables IC manufacturers to perform test and burn-in of full wafers on Aehr Test FOX systems. The DiePak Carrier is a reusable, temporary package that enables IC manufacturers to perform cost-effective final test and burn-in of both bare die and modules. For more information, please visit Aehr Test Systems’ website at

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