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IC growth driving increasing quality and reliability requirements

  • IC growth in sensors, control, information and entertainment driving higher quality and reliability requirements
  • Full wafer functional, stress and burn-in testing solutions
  • Automotive and military grade testing
  • Complete production solution for testing collision detection sensors, e.g. LIDAR
  • High volume production of power electronics, e.g. SiC, GaN

Featured Applications:
Silicon Carbide Wafer Level Test and Burn-In, Packaged Part Burn-in and Test Solutions


Cutting edge industrial design driving smallest, multi-function devices

  • Need for differentiated product driving unique and cutting edge features like 3D and optical sensors
  • Industrial Design driving smaller, multi-function packaged parts pushing test towards Known-Good Die and wafer level burn-in
  • Mobile shake and shock driving higher initial reliability and long term ruggedness
  • Unit sales in the 10s of millions driving the need for cost effective test that meets DPPM quality requirements

Silicon Photonics

Light sensing during test and burn-in

  • Growing 3D and optical sensing applications driving the need for illuminators and optical sensors
  • VCSEL / LED early lifetime failure curve driving high value bathtub curve production testing
  • Unique optical sensing, high power and thermal management solution for optical modules at die and packaged part level
  • Cost effective upstream testing at wafer, die level or of multi-function parts

Featured Applications:
Silicon Wafer Level Burn-in, Silicon Photonics Singulated Die, Sensor Panel, Wafer Level 3D Die

Memory and Logic

High parallelism solutions for HVM

  • High parallelism burn-in of DRAM, SRAM, Flash and NAND
  • Automotive and military grade logic test solutions
  • Unique full wafer and multi wafer test solutions
  • 40+ year of expertise in Semiconductor Test and Burn-in