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Single Wafer Test and Burn-in Solutions


The FOX-1P system is configurable with up to 16,384 test resource channels enabling testing of thousands of die in a single touchdown using industry standard probe card technologies.


Full Wafer Test System

Single Wafer High Volume Production Test Solution
  • Enables High Throughput, Single or Multi-Touchdown, Full Wafer Production Testing
    • Capable of simultaneously testing thousands of die in a single wafer touchdown
    • Configurable channel resources per Blade (slot): Universal Channel Modules, High Voltage Channel Modules or High Current Channel Modules
    • Up to 16,384 “Universal Channel” resources: (I/O / Clock / PPMU / DPS) with deep scan, pattern data and capture memory per channel for test of devices with BIST/DFT
    • Software-enabled per site flexibility to support small and large device pin count test needs
  • Comprehensive functional and parametric test capabilities
    • Deep functional pattern data and capture memory optimized for BIST/DFT testing
    • Per channel PMU for per site parametric testing
    • Individual channel over-current protection to protect wafers and probe cards
  • Configured for high volume production
    • Compatible with industry standard probers and probe cards
    • Available as an integrated test cell with prober, probe cards and 16,384 channel probe card interface
    • Configurable as a single or dual system integrated test cell