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Die Level Test and Burn-in Solutions


The FOX-XP solution is a highly flexible test/burn-in solution which can be configured to support DiePak Carriers for singulated die/module test. An optional automated DiePak Loader is available for loading/unloading devices into FOX DiePak Carriers to increase throughput.


Full Wafer & Singulated Die / Module Test System

High Throughput Burn-in and Test Solution for Logic/Memory/Photonic Devices
  • Flexible Solution for High Throughput Burn-in and Test
    • Full wafer / panel / singulated die / module burn-in for highest production throughput
    • Improves yield of logic/memory/photonic die before final package integration
    • High volume production capacity – up to 18 wafers or panels using WaferPak™ cartridges or 9 singulated die/module DiePak® carriers per chamber
  • Cost-Effective Solution Designed for High Volume Burn-in/Production Test
    • Configurable channel resources per Blade (slot): Universal Channel Modules, High Voltage Channel Modules or High Current Channel Modules
    • Up to 2,048 “Universal Channel” resources: (I/O / Clock / PPMU / DPS) per Blade with deep scan, pattern data and capture memory per channel for test of devices with BIST/DFT
    • Up to 1,024 high voltage (29V) or high current (4A) sources resources per Blade
  • Production Proven Full-Wafer Burn-in & Test Solution
    • Reduces test costs by functionally testing wafers/die/modules during burn-in
    • Offers a total burn-in and test solution when configured with a WaferPak contactor / DiePak carrier and Wafer Aligner / DiePak Loader
    • Protects devices with individual per channel over-current and over-voltage protection

Automated DiePak Loader

Device Loader/Unloader for FOX DiePak Carriers

  • Automated Solution for Loading and Unloading Modules & Singulated Die
    • Loads and unloads devices between JEDEC trays and DiePak carriers
    • Handles: QFN, CSP, QFP, TSOP, BGA and EMMC devices
    • Contains JEDEC bin trays for device test sorting
  • Precision Socket Loading/Unloading
    • Precision alignment ensured with DiePak carrier specific alignment kit designed for handling device to socket alignment and placement in a DiePak carrier
  • Production Proven Full-Wafer Burn-in & Test Solution
    • Based upon an industry-leading pick and place handler design
    • Optical bar code reading of JEDEC tray, DiePak carrier and device IDs for error free operation and device traceability
    • Includes a DiePak Trolley for easy loading of DiePak carriers into the FOX-XP system
  • Integrated Solution with FOX-XP system
    • Enables automated selection of test program based on device/lot ID
    • Shares traceability of devices and test results with FOX-XP system

FOX DiePak Carrier

Singulated Die / Module Test & Burn-in

  • Delivers FOX-XP system resources to up to 1,024 singulated die / modules per DiePak carrier, enabling high density test and burn-in
  • Supports up to 2,048 I/O and DPS channels with remote voltage and ground sense per pin
  • DiePak sockets are custom designed per application by Aehr Test to ensure electrical performance and burn-in temperature stability
  • Optional optical measurement capability incorporated into each socket
  • Handles up to 2 kW of power dissipation per DiePak Carrier
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 150° C
  • Field repairable carrier