AEHR TEST SYSTEMS is committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability. This Whistleblower Policy provides a mechanism for employees, contractors, and stakeholders to report concerns or suspected misconduct without fear of retaliation.

Reporting Procedures

Any individual who becomes aware of any illegal activities, unethical behavior, fraud, or other misconduct within the company is encouraged to report such concerns. Reports can be made through designated channels, such via email to, or direct communication with an officer of the company or department manager.

Confidentiality and Non-Retaliation

Reports made under this policy will be treated with strict confidentiality to the extent permitted by law. The company prohibits any form of retaliation against individuals who make good faith reports of suspected misconduct. Retaliation against whistleblowers will be subject to disciplinary action.

Investigation and Resolution

All reports received will be promptly and thoroughly investigated by designated individuals or departments. Investigations will be conducted impartially and with due regard for the rights of all parties involved. Appropriate actions will be taken to address substantiated concerns and to prevent future misconduct.

Anonymous Reporting

The company recognizes that individuals may prefer to report concerns anonymously. Anonymous reports will be accepted, and the company will make reasonable efforts to investigate and address such reports. However, the ability to thoroughly investigate and resolve anonymous reports may be limited.

Protection of Whistleblower Identity

The company will take reasonable steps to protect the identity of whistleblowers, to the extent allowed by law. Disclosure of the whistleblower’s identity will only occur when required by law or when necessary for the investigation and resolution of the reported concerns.

False Reports

The company expects reports made under this policy to be made in good faith and based on genuine concerns. False or malicious reports will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or other appropriate measures.

Communication and Awareness

This Whistleblower Policy will be communicated to all employees, contractors, and relevant stakeholders. Training and awareness programs will be conducted to ensure that individuals understand their rights, obligations, and the procedures for reporting concerns.

Compliance and Consequences

Non-compliance with this Whistleblower Policy, including retaliation against whistleblowers, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or legal consequences.

Policy Review

This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with applicable laws and best practices.

By establishing and promoting this Whistleblower Policy, we aim to foster a culture of integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior within our company.