Product Selection Matrix

Advanced Burn-in and Test System for packaged parts

  • ABTS-L — Logic burn-in
  • ABTS-Li — High power logic – individual temperature control
  • ABTS-M — Memory burn-in

FOX-1 Full Wafer Test and Burn-in System

  • Single touchdown 300 mm Full-Wafer Tester
  • Flexible, highly configurable
  • Uses standard prober

DiePak reusable, temporary package for bare die

  • Known Good Die solution
  • Can be used for burn-in and test
  • Loading and handling can be automated

Burn-in and Test System for packaged parts

FOX-15 300mm Single Touchdown Burn-in and Test System

  • Up to 15 wafers at a time
  • Known Good Die solution
  • Lowers production cost

Single Touchdown Full-Wafer Contactors for FOX Systems

  • Over 50,000 pin capability
  • Highly Flexible options
  • Low cost per contact

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