Burn-in and Test for High Volume Production

FOX-1P Test & Burn-in System

Full-Wafer Test & Burn-in System

The FOX-1P system is configurable with up to 16,384 test resource channels enabling testing of thousands of die in a single touchdown using industry standard probe card technologies.

FOX-XP Test & Burn-in System

Multi-Wafer & Singulated Die Test & Burn-in System

The FOX-XP system is a highly flexible test/burn-in system which may be configured to support WaferPak Contactors for full wafer test or DiePak Carriers for singulated die/module test.

ABTS Test & Burn-in System

Packaged Part Test & Burn-in System

The ABTS system provides flexiblity for the test / burn-in of packaged semiconductor devices.

WaferPak Full-Wafer Contactors

The FOX system WaferPak Contactors are designed for single touchdown, full-wafer test / burn-in for high volume production.

  • Over 50,000 pin capability
  • Multiple contactor technology options
  • Low cost per contact

DiePak Singulated Die/Module Carriers

The FOX system DiePak Carriers are designed for production test / burn-in of modules and singulated die.

  • Handles up to 1,024 devices per DiePak Carrier
  • Custom designed DiePak sockets
  • Handles 2kW of device heat per DiePak Carrier

WaferPak Aligner and DiePak Loader

The WaferPak Aligner loads/aligns wafers into a WaferPak Contactor and the DiePak Loader performs automatic loading/unloading of modules/singulated die in the DiePak Carrier.

WaferPak Aligner

DiePak Loader

Package Part and System Level Test Burn-in Boards

The ABTS system BIBs are designed for packaged part test / burn-in and system level test / burn-in.

  • Up to 72 BIB slots in an ABTS wide system
  • Custom designed BIB solutions
  • High temperature capability

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